Much of fishing lore is based on personal experience in special locations so that it is impossible to make hard-and-fast rules about it.”

Ray Bergman, Trout, 1938.

We sincerely hope that nobody reads this and fishes the same way we do. The point of all this is to become a better angler, and simply mimicking someone else’s strategy misses the point. What is presented on this webpage is a construct for thinking about your fly fishing, not a play-by-play on how to fly fish. That goes for nearly all fly fishing styles. Despite the title, tactical nymphing isn’t just about nymphing. The philosophy is a useful way to start thinking about all our fly fishing. 

For those that have read this far, the next step is to take the tactical nymphing philosophy with you to your water.  Observe the conditions of play, think about the five tactics outlined in these pages, and formulate your own strategy to meet the challenges of the day. After you do, we hope you will share the experience with the rest of us so that we can.

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