Tactical nymphing is a project whose goal is to distill the secrets of success behind history’s most effective fly fishing methods. It starts with outlining a set of fundamental fish-catching elements. These elements form the “tactics” in tactical nymphing. To trick fish, the angler uses five discrete tactics to formulate an on-the-water strategy.

Tactical nymphing is a way of thinking about your fly fishing. Tactical nymphing is not one particular rod, rig, fly, or method for fly fishing. In fact, it incorporates common elements shared by many different rigs and methods. Similarly, tactical nymphing is not the absolute answer to all of your angling needs. In fact, we argue there are no absolutes, no definitive solutions, no right and wrong ways in fly fishing. 

The tactical nymphing project is also not complete. In fact, as long as there are more fish to catch, more waters to fish, and new days to do it the project will never end. We hope the tactical nymphing project reminds us anglers there is always more to observe and experience. There is always more to learn. That’s what we like about fly fishing. 

While we can’t catch all the fish, or fish all the waters on all the days we sure would like to learn from all that experience. So, tactical nymphing is a crowd-sourced project. At the time of writing this intro, some fifty anglers from all corners of the fly fishing world have participated in shaping it, sharing their experiences applying the five tactics to their waters, and the strategies that help them trick fish. 

We want to thank all those anglers that participated in shaping tactical nymphing to date, and all the anglers we hope to learn from in the future.